Keys to living a High Vibe Life:
Eating Well, Loving Life & Being Content

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, it’s difficult to see the light through the trees, let alone focus on what it takes to fit in your jeans or make better decisions in regards to what you consume physically or emotionally on a daily basis. In this upbeat and energetic presentation, Bobbi will share what she has learned in her 25-year long journey that includes: weight loss of more than 60 lbs. and a renewed passion for living a life of joy and gratitude.  Bobbi provides practical takeaways and tips for eating well, loving life and feeling content in this inspiring and supportive presentation.  Be ready to UPLEVEL your attitude and diminish the challenges you are facing around food and your body.

Common side effects:

» More Joy
» More Laughter
» Release Stress
» Release Weight

Bonus: You’ll enjoy a renewed craving for fresh delicious foods

9 Ways to Restore Energy:

Running for coffee every afternoon?

Hitting the snooze button every morning?

Do you plan to workout in the morning, but wind up rushing just to get to work on time?

You’re NOT lazy and you DON’T lack motivation!

There may be a perfectly logical reason for your low energy.  In this restorative and energetic presentation, Bobbi shares the most common causes of low energy and offers 9 simple ways to reset yourself and restore your energy. You’ll be surprised at how soon you can find yourself looking forward to that morning workout.

Common side effects:

» Natural energy highs               » Deep, restorative sleep
» Increased focus                         » Release of unwanted weight
» Improved digestion                  » No more avoiding workouts
» Natural morning alarm

Conquering Your Sugar Cravings:

Do you seem to constantly crave sweets? Do you reach for them any time you feel happy, sad, worried or scared?

Do you ever eat a healthy and satisfying meal and then “need” a sweet to finish it off?

When you understand the “highs” of sugar and understand your emotional needs, you can stop beating yourself up for craving sugar and begin feeling empowered in the face of sugar temptation. Imagine yourself feeling strong, healthy and energetic without needing a sugar boost. This IS possible!

Common side effects:

» Enjoy the taste of your food again
» No more energy dips
» No more brain fog
» Improved focus
» Release unwanted weight

Eat Clean and Feel Healthy
for a lifetime:

In a time where choices are plenty and claims of “health” foods are thrown around on everything from processed cereal to ice cream, simple and clean can seem too good to be true. But, what if that it is that simple?  In this short and “unsweetened” workshop, Bobbi will help you sift through current trends in the diet and weight loss industry and get to the basics of “clean eating” and all the joys that will naturally follow.  Being overwhelmed and frustrated as you contemplate food choices is it’s own form of stress and often leads to unhealthy decisions. The Eat Clean and Feel Healthy for a Lifetime workshop will ease unnecessary confusion and bring the joy back to eating!

Common side effects:

» Long-term weight Loss                  » Reduced inflammation
» Strengthened immune system     » Better, more restorative sleep
» Increased energy and vitality

Color Code Personality Assessment Workshop:

People are complex, right?  High strung, low key, perpetually happy (or miserable), hard to please and lacks attention span…what’s the deal?  Why can’t we all just get along?  Relationships are key to navigating this thing called life. Color Code Personality Workshops help you to unlock the codes. This is a fun, interactive, and effective way to encourage and foster understanding between the naturally occurring subtle and not so subtle nuances of 4 main personality types. Bobbi has worked with this platform for over 12 years and has witnessed dramatic shifts in personal and professional interactions. With this information, individuals learn to honor, respect, and communicate effectively. They gain a new perspective on one another’s motivations and preferences. The basic understanding of core motivations can eliminate communication issues and reverse conflict.

Color Codes are an excellent team building event and can be presented to your group workshop or retreat style. When you participate his this thought-provoking, highly interactive process, you’ll wish you had learned this in high school.

Common side effects:

» Improved communication at home and at work
» Increased productivity
» Decrease in anxiousness, worry, and “sick” days
» Dramatic decrease in conflict
» Less trips to HR
» Less drama, distractions, and delays
» Easier communication
» Happier employees