I was a chubby kid that grew into a chubby adult.

I was that little girl picked last in gym class, who hid in the bathroom stall while changing in the locker room, too embarrassed in front of other girls. The hiding continued as I stress-ate in the pantry or the fridge well into my adult years. Every breakup, stressful work situation or family feud, you would find me spooning from the ice cream carton or devouring an entire bag of Doritos.

Yo-yo diets were a way of life for me.

Through my teens, you name it, I tried it–grapefruit, Atkins, diet pills, cabbage soup. I’d lose 5lbs then gain 7lbs back, running on the hamster wheel to nowhere. Feeling rejected, unattractive and completely helpless, I gave up and adopted an “F it” attitude when it came to my weight and graduated high school at 4’11” and 178lbs. I lived in stretch pants, and oversized tops ashamed of the body underneath.


Highly restrictive diet and excessive exercise seemed to be the answer.

Soon after graduation, a newly opened health club inspired me. I embraced cardio, circuit training, and step aerobics along with the popular low-fat trend of the 90s; hell, I barely ate at all.

Voilà, I lost 67lbs! So elated by my exercise transformation, I became fitness obsessed to the point of making it my career.

Dream job, skinny jeans, fast paced NYC nightlife–I "thought” I had it all!

Weight loss confidence and feeling the need to escape my hometown landed me my dream job in NYC as a health club manager. I was busy meeting new people, making a good impression with the company and getting my party on. Looking back, it was about this time where I realized health is not measured on the scale or by clothing size; my outward appearance was a sorry representation of how I felt on the inside.

Putting it all together.

Stressed out, physically exhausted and perpetually cranky, I knew there had to be more to life. I traded the high stress, and appearance-obsessed world of a boutique health club for several years of soul-searching, countless lifestyle workshops, hours of Tony Robbins audio, and reading enough books to earn me a Ph.D. in life. I studied at The School of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, on a quest to serve myself and help others who suffer like me.


I learned how to manage my stress without eating chips or ice cream. How to not break down completely in situations outside of my comfort zone, or when I felt threatened or scared. I could finally address the underlying reasons for my weight obsession and the never ending search for happiness.


It was in this process I realized, all the things I’ve experienced in my life are just things I’ve been through, leading me to develop a system that can work for other women like me, allowing them to avoid the years of searching…trying and repeatedly failing to feel happy and healthy in their own skin.



Why am I the right coach for you?

I work with women who are where I used to be, who struggle with stress eating and have lost themselves, in their jobs, home life or relationships, gained weight, feel exhausted, alone and tired, by showing them a way out. I teach women how to lose weight, get off the sugar roller coaster, and stop the caffeine madness. I help women figure out what foods are right, how to manage stress without crappy foods, eat healthy without feeling deprived and not having to do it alone.



If you are ready to see how your life experiences can be used to reshape your body and your life...


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