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it’s not just about food…

Really? Really. If you’ve spent years in a destructive relationship with food, it’s far easier to blame Entenmann’s than emotional baggage. The truth is, we have to address both and incorporate a functional approach that fits your life.


Food is fuel. If you’ve been using food to meet needs it was never meant to meet, there’s a good chance you need to work on your relationship. The big question: are you ready to change your mindset, get moving and start eating to nourish your mind, body and spirit?


If you’re ready to make different choices and yield more positive results, I can be a pretty helpful ally. You see, I’ve been where you are. I also know that neither of us has to live that way anymore.

it's about the mindset...

Your life is full and you do a pretty good job of keeping many balls in the air, but something doesn’t feel quite right.


Maybe you’ve tried and failed to make your outsides match your insides? Maybe you need a consistent, workable approach to comprehensive health that looks and feels better.



You eat your fruits and veggies, enjoy dining out and can even whip up a pretty tasty meal in a pinch. Consistency is lacking though…and your food choices and portions sizes could be better.


You need meals that are easy, taste good and work for you and the other people in your life. That’s what differentiates a lifestyle from a food plan, a diet or a fad. It’s time to eat well day in and day out.

"Bobbi has opened my eyes to the way of healthy living by educating, supporting, and being there every step of the way."



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...and movement

You’ve tried workouts, joined gyms or studios, and may even have a treadmill collecting dust in your home. You just haven’t loved the grind or found your tribe.


What if movement was the key to finding focus, feeling energized and experiencing freedom from food cravings and negative thinking?


Would you make the next move?

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The Triple M's are the pillars for living a delicious life…success comes when they are in harmony!

I have lived diet to diet for years, cycled through damn near every workout trend to the point of physical exhaustion and bodily injury. I’ve experienced the ups and downs of bikini/skinny jean summers and bulky sweaters with tights winters…only to realize being “Fit and Healthy” requires consideration far beyond food and exercise.

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If you’ve been yo-yo dieting, discouraged by limited results from exercise or feel like the hamster wheel is spinning out of control?


If you struggle with body image and weight loss where exercise feels like a form of punishment for overeating and a way to “work” off calories?

I'm your girl!

I can help you see exercise more as a reward and a way to appreciate your body. You’ll realize there are ways to move or exercise that you can and do enjoy once you remove the emotional toxicity in your life.


I’ve been where you are, I have lived with the frustration and angst, and spent decades of my life figuring out how to make sense of it all.


And honestly, it doesn’t have to be so damn hard.


What if you could look and feel your best and still eat delicious, satisfying foods?


It’s time reshape your body by refocusing your mind and any limiting beliefs that may be literally weighing you down.

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